Holiday Music

Holiday Music

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      Holiday Book Gift Set


      Save 25%

      Get autographed copies of both "Chicken Joe" Book/Compact Disc Sets and the Grammy Nominated "Merry Fishes to All" CD for the whole family to enjoy. "TFIA offers 'Merry Fishes' , with comic sugarplums such as 'I Got a Cheese Log'. (Parade Pick)

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      Grammy Nominated Set


      Get all 4 of Trout's Grammy Nominated projects with FREE SHIPPING on this set! 3 CDs and 1 DVD

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      Merry Fishes To All (Grammy Nominee!)


      Save 33%

      Grammy Nominated - "It's easy to think that this well-worn genre has used up every last possible angle. Think again; TFIA now gives us a collection of 12 rootsy, funny, lovely Christmas songs, so fresh they practically wiggle." Family Fun