Safe House

Safe House

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All this time away from the road gave us the opportunity to lock down in our studio, study musical styles, experiment, create, and have fun.

We were there when the Beatles exploded on AM radio.  We were there when Creedence exploded on FM radio.  As we drive around listening to the oldies station on satellite radio, we're still here.  We love the old songs but we're tired of hearing the same old songs!  Safe House paints from the palette of the old songs but speaks to where we are today.

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  1. Safe House
  2. Knock Me Down
  3. Don't Be Callin'
  4. Oh, Those Afternoons
  5. Up and Away by Gail Lewis
  6. We Have Not Arrived
  7. Barbed Wire Boys by Susan Werner
  8. Freeze
  9. I Love My Baby
  10. It Feels Good
  11. Where's That Dog Gone Now?
  12. We'll Always Have Ardmore
  13. Looking at a Rainbow