Lookin' At Lucky
Lookin' At Lucky

Lookin' At Lucky

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Keith and Ezra wrote 11 songs for this album and Ezra got to play banjo on three of them, including some funky banjo on Drivin' Rain!  Trout also covered Barton and Sweeney's "Safer Haven".  We're selling our promotional copies of this album.  You will receive an unplayed disc that was taken out of its plastic wrap and marked as a promotional copy.  Please email Susan@troutmusic.com if you have questions about this item.
  1. Lookin' At Lucky
  2. She's The Only Smile
  3. Bettin' That It Won't
  4. Home
  5. Safer Haven
  6. Drivin' Rain
  7. Who Knows What We Might Do
  8. Not Every Dream
  9. The Car's Running
  10. How Many Times A Fool
  11. I Pretend To Understand
  12. My Baby Loves Sudoku