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Who better than Trout Fishing in America to be spokesman for a bank?!  We found these copies of our album InFINity that were sponsored by Arkansas-based Superior Bank.  This is definitely a collector's item!

This Grammy-nominated release balances razor-sharp musicianship with lyrics that never talk down to kids. Trout Fishing in America creates inFINite possibilities as they seamlessly leap from folk to rock to jazz to, yes, even some funky stuff.

Want it autographed but it's out of stock?  E-mail when you place your order and she'll get the guys to sign it for you.

  1.  My Best Day
  2.  Are We There Yet?
  3.  Everything That's Made of Wood
  4.  You Can't Go
  5.  Your Name Backwards
  6.  Junk Food Jump
  7.  Sailing
  8.  It Did It All By Itself
  9.  Happy That You're Here
  10. Dinosaur in Your Bathtub
  11. Simon Says
  12. It's Better Than That
  13. Something Sweet