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Dana Louise and the Glorious Birds

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Dana Louise Idlet teamed up with Keith, Ezra, and Adams Collins of Arkansauce to form the Glorious Birds.  They released their self-titled CD and vinyl album on Trout Records in 2015. Fronting the band are Dana Louise on guitar and vocals and Adams Collins on vibraphone and 5-string banjo. The rhythm section is made up of Keith on bass and Ezra Idlet on drums.

The music is a blend of indie folk and jazz – alternately melodious and hard-driving – and often unexpected with its unusual mix of instruments and influences.

  1.  All the Pretty Boys
  2.  Dust
  3.  Green Light
  4.  A Thousand Lives
  5.  Forgive This Town
  6.  Soldier's Heart
  7.  Timber
  8.  Buffalo Shuffle
  9.  Under Water
  10. Sweetest Thing
  11. Goldfinch Fire