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The Tackle Box

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Welcome to the Tackle Box, a multimedia project available exclusively here at  When you purchase a box, we will instantly e-mail you a ZIP file to download to the device of your choice.  


Box 1:  Boxes, Barbed Wire Boys, Knock Me Down

Box 2:  Barndance, Souvenirs, Lookin' at a Rainbow

Box 3:  Don't Be Callin', Oh, Those Afternoons, Last Day of Pompeii 

The Tackle Box is a constant work in progress consisting of individual boxes.  Each box contains 3 songs, a video performance of these songs, lyrics that you can peruse at your leisure, and all of the information you used to be able to find on album covers.  You can find the link to the video on the last page of the booklet.


We'd like to thank you so much for participating in our experiment.  The music business is changing radically.  CDs are disappearing and streaming services are taking over delivery of our music without fair compensation.  If you enjoy this music, point a friend in our direction.  Support independent music!