The Strangest Times

The Strangest Times

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Trout goes back to basics for this new CD with 11 original songs played as a duo and a cover version of BW Stevenson's On My Own.  Ezra plays a bouzouki on the title track and on Where Did Everybody Go?  Keith put down the bass and plays the fiddle for Quiet Alleys.

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  1.   The Strangest Times
  2.   In The Morning
  3.   A Place To Fall
  4.   When The Fog Rolls In
  5.   Where's Your Mama?
  6.   Someone Your Age
  7.   Where Did Everybody Go?
  8.   Quiet Alleys
  9.   Boat On A String
  10. Love Love                
  11. Give Me the Wheel   
  12. On My Own