Chicken Joe Forgets Something Important

Chicken Joe Forgets Something Important

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Keith and Ezra teamed up with The Secret Mountain publishing house and illustrator Stephan Jorisch for another story about Keith's cat Chicken Joe. 

After being awakened by a couple of rock and roll roosters, Chicken Joe realizes he has forgotten something important about this special day.  Join his friends Hilda and Helen, Mister (the mule), Ms. Kitty (the dog), and King Kong (the parakeet) on this fun tale of friendship.  The CD includes a home video with Keith and Ezra talking about where they live, their inspiration for writing the songs on the album, and the instruments they used to record the music, plus a live version of the original Chicken Joe song performed in Ezra's treehouse. 

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  1.  Chicken Joe Forgets Something Important (Story read by Keith and Ezra)
  2.  Rock and Roll Roosters
  3.  16 or 17 Hours of Sleep  
  4.  Hello, My Chicken Thinks He's a Dog
  5.  Through the Pines
  6.  For Me To Know and You To Find Out
  7.  The Fish Swim Backwards in the Sky
  8.  C-A-T in the H-E-N House
  9.  Where Did Everybody Go?
  10. You've Got a Funny Name
  11. Dance With Me