Reel Life

Reel Life

Reel Life, an album by Grammy nominees Trout Fishing in America, is danceable folk rock with world music influences.


  • The Number Of That Truck
  • Lightning
  • More Than Love
  • Don’t Let The Stars Get In Your Eyeballs
  • Sleepytime Cartoon
  • Eleven Easy Steps
  • The Last Day of Pompeii
  • Intro to Blue
  • Ode To Big Blue
  • Intro (Ezra’s Corner)
  • Spider’s Fence
  • Dixie Chicken
  • Murrell’s
  • Thinking About You
  • Baby’s Got The Car Keys

* Songs in italics were recorded live

Produced by Carl Finch of Brave Combo
Released in 1996

Awarded the Best Independent Release from the 96 Kerrville Music Awards