October 2023

Dear Fisherfolk,

It was a beautiful Fall day here in the Ozarks. Temperatures in the 60's. The sky was blue! I call it Colorado Blue because you usually have to go to Colorado to see skies like this. That reminds me…

We are heading to Colorado this week to play in Alamosa at Society Hall on October 14. It is such a great place to play and meet up with good friends. I hear Alamosa does get to -40 degrees in the Winter. You should come see us now, in October!

The sunset was lovely this afternoon in the Ozarks! Almost as lovely as those New Mexico sunsets. That reminds me…Maybe we'll see a beautiful NM sunset when we visit Santa Fe on October 15 at the Creekbottom House Concerts. Sorry, but I hear this show is sold out. Not really sorry. Just sorry if you don't have a ticket. I hear they have nice pie in Santa Fe. They will broadcast our show on their YouTube channel. Show starts at 3pm Mountain Time. Click here to watch.
Then we will safely drive home in our trusty Ford van. His odometer is moving ever so close to that 500,000 mile mark. Our last Ford (Robert redFord) retired with over 540,000 miles. If you know anyone at Ford who might be interested, we might not be above accepting some sort of sponsorship. And that reminds me…

Home to the Ozarks! You have several chances to come see us in Arkansas. A little something for everyone in the area. First we'll be at the Bear Hollow Hootenanny at the Ozark Natural Science Center on Oct 20. Then on the 21st, we make our way to Van Buren to the lovely King Opera House. And be sure not to miss us at the Original Ozark Folk Festival in Eureka Springs on November 10 and 11! This is the 76th anniversary of this festival. 76 years! You heard that right. Must be doing something right and Eureka is so lovely!

We moved to Arkansas in June of 1992 from Houston, Texas. There are so many highways to drive in Texas, and no matter how many of them you've seen, there's always more! Did you know I have never been to Port Neches, TX. And that reminds me…

We're heading down a highway to Port Neches, TX for a show at the Neches River Wheelhouse on Oct 26. We've never been here before so please tell somebody about the show if you know someone in the area. We then drive on to Austin for a special show at the 04 Center on Oct 27. Meadow Makers will be opening the show for us. This is a Dana Louise and Noah Richmond musical project and I hear Oliver Steck may be making an appearance. OK. I'm excited. You? Come on!! Then, if that's not enough, we make our way to Fort Worth at The Post at River East on Oct 28 and Main Street Crossing in Tomball on Oct 29.

There is so much going on, I'm tired just telling about it. I'd better get a nap and get rested. Check our tour calendar for more details. This is gonna be great!

Troutfully yours,

Keith and Ezra