November 2023

Dear Fisherfolk,

Mornings at the Trout House studios start at 10am. Keith drives over and Ezra comes downstairs with some carbonated water for his friend. If there's no bookkeeping to be done, we'll get the day started by chatting about music, our families and the basic stuff of sharing our day to day. There's a pleasure to the rhythm of getting into our working day. Often, we have no real agenda. We'll sit and play songs together and break them down to see what we could that would make them better. We try to remember songs we wrote! When it's time to get ready for a gig, our practice becomes much more intentional. There's a nice balance between focused and unplanned. There's such comfort to this routine.

Looks like there are only three chances for you to see us in November. We'll be playing the 76th Original Ozark Folk Festival in Eureka Springs AR on November 10th and 11th. We'll be performing on the same stage that John Phillip Sousa and his 67-piece band performed on! On Friday the 10th we share the evening performance with Matt the Electrician. That show will start at 7pm upstairs in the Aud.

On Saturday our family show will be in the basement of the Aud at 1pm. November is a great time of year to be in Arkansas and Eureka Springs is a treasure of a city. Ya'll come!

Our last trip this month will be to Monroe LA to play the Northeast Louisiana Children's Museum. I think we were one of the first musical groups to play there when it started 25 years ago. Those kids that we played to are all legal adults! Some of them are having kids that they'll bring to see us. It's an amazing and wonderful feeling to know that our music has been passed down for generations. It's astonishing that we've been able to do what we do for so long. We don't take it for granted. November is the month for thanksgiving. Thanks to all of you who have enjoyed and shared our music through the years.

We've always been a band of stunning contrasts and our latest adult t-shirt design definitely reflects that idea. Thanks to Beans Barton for the artwork. You can find this shirt in both a crew and V-neck style on our website. Mr. Bear, drawn by Ezra, also has a t-shirt in kids' sizes.

Troutfully Yours,

Keith and Ezra