November 2020

Dear Fisherfolk,

We're at the Trout House studio getting ready to record the video segment for Box 3 in our Tackle Box Series. We're calling this The Jazz Box as it contains 'hip' songs with Major 7th chords, Demolished 13th's, and possibly an Argumentative 9th chord or two. Box 3 will feature 2 new Trout Originals (Don't Be Callin' and Oh, Those Afternoons) as well Last Day of Pompeii, an old favorite written by the late Michael Smith. The release date coincides with our next Live Trout Stream on Tuesday, Nov 24th at 7 PM Central. The hour-long Trout Stream will include these 3 songs, some other new and old originals, and some surprise covers. You can see the show on our
Facebook page OR on our YouTube channel.

As you may know, Trout Fishing in America has no live appearances scheduled for the rest of 2020. If you are still on Santa's NICE LIST that means you're probably staying at home a lot too. Holiday shopping can be difficult under these circumstances. We at Trout Fishing in America are here to help! Once again we are offering our Proper Cup of Coffee beans. But this time we have a new coffee mug design featuring the artwork from Don't Touch My Stuff. It seems entirely appropriate for 2020. We've also added a Beans Barton beanie to the mix. All of our new offerings will be available in our store starting November 24th. Our CDs and t-shirts are on sale if you use promo code TFIA15.

As we head into the Holiday Season, it's hard to imagine what it will be like this year. The memories from past holiday celebrations with friends and family will tug at your heart. Hopefully these memories will be a comfort in these uncertain times rather than yet another way of plunging us into a cold, dark depression. It is especially important this year to remember those who are weathering this pandemic by themselves. Kindness and love are the best gifts this year. They always are but be especially generous in 2020.

Troutfully yours,
Keith and Ezra