November 2019

Dear Fisherfolk, 
Late October in the Ozarks is so beautiful. We have a clear, blue sky and it's 64 degrees outside. The pines are swaying in a restless wind. Some of the leaves of the deciduous trees have begun to turn, mixing the green and the red with a hint of golden yellow. I look out my window and think, "Why am I sitting inside writing a newsletter?" This may be a really quick letter!!
Troutfully yours,
Keith and Ezra
Just kidding, but when I finish this, I am heading out into the world!
It feels like 2019 just got started and now it's almost over. Halloween looms! Thanksgiving is only a month out! And then there's that other big December holiday thing that scares some people more than Halloween. What's a person to do? Trout is here to help! Here is a quick outline on how to navigate the holidays. I'm sticking with an outline so I can go outside!

I - You'll need coffee to keep going. Our Trout Fishing in America Proper Cup of Coffee bags will be returning shortly. Watch for it and don't miss out! It's tasty.   

II - You'll need gifts. Our 2019 recording Live at the Epic Theater   sold out of the first pressing quickly. But don't worry, more are on the way. The second pressing is scheduled to be delivered by the end of October. And don't forget our Grammy nominated holiday album, Merry Fishes to All! And our beautiful teal t-shirts have been very popular lately. Do you have one? Do you know someone who doesn't?  Use the promo code FRESHFISH and save 10% off your Trout purchase!
III- Come out to a Trout show and forget about stuff! Suggestions include:
     A- How about a night at Poor David's Pub in Dallas, TX on November 1st? This special show will include a Trout show, and an opening set of the New Folk winners from the Kerrville Folk Festival. There will be great, new music from new people and great new and old music from Trout. You can't miss out on this one.
     B- We have a Fall tour that will take us through MarylandNew York, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Check our calendar listingfor exact locations. By this year's end, we will have played shows in 15 states.
     C- We have dates booked in Texas in December. Texas is a good, warm place to be in December. We sure hope so.
IV- Play games to have fun. Here's a game. I'm going to list 20 states. Trout will have played in 15 of them in 2019. Can you guess which 5 we did NOT have a show in? Careful, I'm gonna be tricky here... Then I'm going outside!!
Troutfully yours,                                                        
Keith (and Ezra who spent the                               
day outside in the woods instead of
writing on this newsletter!)