New Folk/Rock Release “Lookin’ at Lucky”

Trout Fishing Lookin' at Lucky

We first performed over 30 years ago as Trout Fishing in America. We feel incredibly lucky to be entertaining audiences and making the music we love all these years later. “Lookin’ at Lucky” is our first full length CD for adults in 11 years.

Lookin’ at Lucky reflects maturity and growth for us as artists. We recognize, accept, and even embrace the value of maturity, giving the songs on this album the kind of tempering that only decades of working with a partner can produce.

Long-term love is echoed in the title song, “Lookin’ at Lucky,” and “Not Every Dream,”” while the sweet melody and sentiment of “Home” speaks of the quest for a personal peace. The Cajun swing tune, “She’s the Only Smile,” speaks to the luck of discovery and the satisfaction of finding a kindred spirit, even if it’s just a brief interlude on the dance floor.

Even the resurrection of the tune “How Many Times a Fool,”  which we wrote over 20 years ago about a jilted lover, expresses maturity. The original seethed with anger; revisited here, it has been reworked to be more reflective and gentler, as though saying, “Well, I am hurt but not blinded by anger.”

In “The Car’s Running (and I can’t find the keys)” and “Who Knows What We Might Do,” we bring fun to the challenges of getting older. “I Pretend to Understand” is about the inevitable result of too much information.

Finally the CD’s closer, “My Baby Loves Sudoku,” is a lament about becoming a “widower” to a wife’s hobby (addiction.) Then again, this song is probably just a good excuse for Ezra to play the banjo!