May 2021

Dear Fisherfolk,

Spring is unfolding and with a sense of cautious optimism, the world is beginning to open up again. With baby steps, inch by inch, day by day, we are steadily creeping back towards a sense of normalcy. We even got the oil changed in the van!! The weird thing was that it didn't need it yet. In the span of over a year, we didn't put enough miles on this magnificent metal beast to warrant one. That's NEVER happened. But on May 1, 2021,we played our first show since March 7, 2020 and it just seemed like an oil change might be a good idea to get us to the gig. We are happy to report that the show in Kerrville, TX went very well and we are going to do more shows next month. We have both gotten our second vaccinations and that helps with our comfort levels. 

Trout Fishing in America has 3 shows scheduled for the month of June. All 3 dates are rescheduled events from last year. It may not sound like a lot, but for us this is huge! There is nothing like the feeling of being on a real stage and sharing music with real people. Such an uplifting and purposeful experience.

June 5 we will be in Tomball, TX at Main Street Crossing.

June 12 we will be in Reston, VA at Center Stage.

June 26 we will be in Bentonville, AR at Crystal Bridges for their Forest Concert Series.  

Click here for our full tour schedule.

It will be difficult for Trout to cover the entire country at a rate of 1-3 concerts a month. For this reason, we will continue to do Live Stream shows to stay in touch with those of you who, for one reason or another, can't make it out to a live show yet. We are also working on recording another 3 songs for Box 5 of our downloadable Tacklebox Series. Box 5 will be the Bouzouki Box, featuring songs played on Ezra's bouzouki built by Bayard Blain. Stay tuned! We miss you and we're still here!
Troutfully yours, Keith and Ezra