May 2019

The Idlets have a new puppy! Pearl, their old boxer, passed a few months ago and the house didn't feel complete without a dog. Puppies aren't dogs. They turn into dogs eventually, but while they are puppies, they are hooligans! Millie, the new pup, needs constant monitoring to make sure she doesn't eat something bad, steal something, or use the house as a potty. She's doing a pretty good job so far. She wakes up at around 7 in the morning ready to party! This has been good for Ezra. He and Millie go walking in Riverside Park in West Fork every morning. Ezra's looking forward to getting back on the road so he can get some extra sleep! To quote an old friend, "Everybody needs a puppy"!

We have a new album out! "Live at the Epic Theater" was recorded at the Epic Theater which is part of a multi-million dollar recreation center for the people of Grand Prairie TX. We recorded two sold out shows (the tickets were free!) and the results are a pretty accurate representation of what we do night after night. The 16 songs we chose for this project include old and new music from our adult and children's catalogs. These days, we see a wide variety of ages in our crowds and it feels great to see the crossover in both audiences. We see kids loving the new, "grown up" music and adults enjoying the kids music. What a pleasure to be able to play for multiple generations.


The last time we played at the Spring Gulch music festival, we were there for the END OF THE WORLD. We forget which END OF THE WORLD it was, as we've somehow made it through several of these predicted Armageddons. But this one was especially impressive because they even stated the exact time it would happen. We were relieved that it wasn't going to occur before or during our set because we really enjoy playing this festival. We were even more relieved when the END OF THE WORLD came and went without causing any problems. At the moment there are no dire predictions, but just in case, you should check your Trout calendar and come out and see us before this crazy, old world ends again. And please stop by any of our upcoming shows for a new CD, or a "selfie", or just to say hi.