March 2023

Dear Fisherfolk,

Trout Fishing in America has been in hibernation for a couple of cold months now. We took a chance and emerged in late January for two wonderful songwriting workshops in some Arkansas schools only to be rewarded with a death-defying drive across the ice-covered Ouachita Mountains trying to get back home. I’d like to thank Ezra for keeping us alive and on the road. We’ve adopted a new motto here in Troutland. “If it’s snowing, we ain’t going!” 

We do have some shows scheduled for March and we’re excited about that! But first we need practice behind a microphone as sitting around playing music in the Trout studio by ourselves is just NOT the same as playing a show. We need an audience!  So, it’s LIVE STREAM time and we’d like to invite you all to help us out and be there, virtually of course. Thursday, Feb 23rd we will go on the air from the Trout studio at 6:45 PM central time. We’ll chat with you for the first 15 minutes or so and then play some music at 7 PM for your dining and dancing pleasure. If you haven’t already heard our newest song inspired by our December trip to Maui, you really need to watch. Ezra acquired an 8-string ukulele and immediately put it to good use! Catch us on Facebook and on YouTube

We have a few big trips planned for March. The 1st weekend will find us roaring into Reeds Spring, MO at The Rock House and the Stone Church in Tulsa, OK. Rock and Stone?!? Cool! Almost like we planned it! Then we’ll take it a bit further from home to West Virginia, Indiana, and Illinois for the 2nd week of March. After a visit home, we’ll head to sunny Florida for 4 days. Please check our calendar for details as these are some dates you don’t want to miss if you are close or just need a road trip to get out of the house. Last, but definitely not least, we’ll finish up March 2023 at Poor David’s Pub in Dallas, TX for his anniversary celebration. Poor David’s is as old as Trout. Must be good to be around that long! Right? Come on out and prove me wrong. (I need a smile emoji so you know I’m kidding. Where are all my smile emojis?!) We promise Trout’s musical March will not go out like a lamb. 

Troutfully yours,
Keith & Ezra