June 2024

Dear Fisherfolk,

June is the Anniversary month of our move to Arkansas. On the 1st of June 1992, the Grimwood Family arrived in West Fork with the Idlets arriving in Prairie Grove a couple of days later. That was 32 years ago. Ezra and I had already been playing music together for 16 years at that point. How's your math? That's 48 years! 16 years in Texas, 32 years in Arkansas. Those numbers overwhelm me. They are extraordinary. It makes me feel so serious that I need a few Dad Jokes to lift me out of it.

What do snowmen do in the summer? They chill out.
Why do bananas use sunscreen? So they won't peel.
What's the best way to watch a fishing tournament? By Live Stream!

Speaking of Live Streams… we've started "Lunch With Trout" live streams at noon on Thursdays and we love it! So much fun! We're exploring our back catalog and Live-Streaming a very casual set on Facebook and YouTube. Playing these songs brings back so many memories of so many years. You should join us for some music at noon on June 20 & 27. Lunch With Trout has been our answer to a stay-at-home sort of summer. Keeps us sharp and keeps us in touch with you.

We do have a couple of Arkansas shows coming up quickly. We'll be at the Railyard in Rogers on June 29. The tornadoes in this area were bad and we're really glad they spared this fine facility. Great stage, great crew, great place to bring the whole family. I think this will be our 3rd or 4th time to play. It's a free show. Click on the link to reserve your free spot! Then on July 3, we'll be making an appearance at The Library in Prairie Grove, AR. It's a free show too!

 After that, we'll be cruising across the country in our new (new to us) van, Levi. Trout will return to the Bryn Mawr Twilight Concert series on July 14. Come check it out. We'll be the cool guys in the Mercedes Sprinter. Ezra is adapting the interior to our rock and roll lifestyle. It's looking like a comfort-mobile, like something we needed about 48 years ago! I can't wait to drive up to Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, NY for our show on July 16 in a Mercedes. And don't forget to make your September plans for Taos, NM as we will be returning to Michael Hearne's Big Barndance Music Festival.

I can't resist! 5 things about the Grimwood move to Arkansas 32 years ago.

1) We bought a house out in the country before the days of GPS. After we bought it, we couldn't find it. Had to get the Realtor to show us where it was.

2) We arrived with our 3 cats in tow. We discovered that the people who sold us the house decided the sale included their 3 cats. So that made 6 cats right away. A few days later in a rainstorm, kittens started falling off the roof into the hedges. (I'd heard of it raining cats and dogs…) One of their cats had her 4 babies up in the attic. So suddenly, we had 10 cats. The number has varied from 6-17 cats since then. We'd never be able to afford the pet deposit at our apartment back in Houston.

3) Fun fact # 1 - I owned no tools when we moved to Arkansas.

4) Fun fact # 2 - I own many tools now and I know how to use some of them.

5) As in the Jeff Foxworthy routine, when we finally mowed the lawn, we found a Cadillac. It was full of large sacks of garbage.

Join us virtually for Lunch With Trout and come out to see us and our awesome van if you can. Stay cool and hydrated!!

Troutfully Yours,

Keith (and Ezra)