June 2023

Dear Fishwerefil,Hello. Keith here. I tyoping this newsletter using my right thumb on my phone. Can you tell? It’s my own fault. I said I’d get it done about a week ago. My computer is at the Trout House and I’m at the dentist in lovely Lincoln, AR. Don’t worry about me in The Chair! It’s my wife’s turn today, not mine. What a great way to clelebratw the anniversary of our move from Houston to Northwest Arkansas. June 1, 1992! That’s 31 years! This summer will also mark 47 years of making our making music together.I grew up living in cities. My family moved a lot, always in the South, but always in the city. I knew nothing of country living but have learned so much. Some folks say not enough. 🤪 We love our small-town dentist in Lincoln. Daniel Beavers and his staff treat us like royalty! The garden is happening. Snow peas and Asian lilies are our stars so far. Come on maters and taters! I didn’t own any tools before moving to the Ozarks. I own several now and my wife has become quite proficient with them. 😆 Actually, there’s more truth in that than I’m comfortable with. I’ll get over it.Bur there is one small town concept that eludes me. Please help me understand. This is less than 2 blocks from the Dollar General…
I don’t have my calendar with me, so no specifics here. But we’ll soon be at The Kerrville Folk Festival (as Trout and with Wheatfield), Moccasin Creek Festival, and The Red River Revel. Check the calendar to know where we’ll be. That’s what I do. 🤣
Troudfullty Yours,
Keith and Ezra