June 2019

Dear e-fisherfolk,

Game of Thrones is over! Eight years of our lives and poof...it's gone! It's a milestone whether you watched it or not. There is, of course, the endless analyzing and parsing of plot lines and character deaths but that's an entirely different subject. Speaking of milestones, we have a few we'd like to share with you.


'Whitey' Ford, our mostly trusty van and traveling companion has reached 300,000 miles. All this is with the same engine and most of the original belts. Last month, we lost the serpentine belt and our air-conditioner. The loss of the serpentine belt was significant (we had to call AAA and be towed for 50 miles in the rain and spend the night in a motel room in Zanesville OH) but proved fairly painless. While the loss of our air-conditioner didn't shut us down, it was definitely painful. We traveled through Oklahoma and Texas with the windows down. There are only two windows in the van so whoever was in the back was out of luck.

Have you seen the new Trout website? We're really excited about its new look and functionality. Staying up to date with our comings and goings will be way easier. We also have a way for you folks who don't do Facebook or other social media to keep up with our postings from the road. This would include pictures as well as home movies. While you peruse our new website, you might want to check out our latest CD, Live at the Epic Theater. If you're a fan of our live shows, there's no better representation to be found than on this collection of tunes.  We also added a ladies fit version of our latest adult shirt and toddler sizes of our latest kids shirt.  To celebrate the new site, use promo code FRESHFISH for 15% off our shirts, books, DVD, and most of our CDs.  If you upgrade to priority shipping, we'll tuck in something extra as a thank you.  

Even if you haven't watched Game of Thrones, you've most likely heard quite a bit of grousing over the last season. This is not our last season and whenever that last season does happen, we hope you'll have no reason to complain. Come and see us when we're in  your neighborhood.