July 2019

Dear Fisherfolk,

From time to time, we here at Trout Fishing in America try and offer a few helpful suggestions on how to navigate the difficulties and pitfalls one might encounter in life. Awhile back, Ezra advised travelers to pack their shampoo and toothbrushes separately. This is very solid advice unless you enjoy brushing your teeth with soap after the shampoo comes open unexpectedly in your toiletry bag.
I (Keith writing here) now offer this bit of advice: DO NOT drop your cell phone into your iced tea. On the 4th of July, I had just filled a large plastic cup with delicious iced tea. I picked up my cell phone. The last thing I remember reading on the screen before it leaped from my hands and plunged into the icy depths was something like "This phone hasn't been backed up to the Cloud in… oh let's say forever". A primal scream escaped my lips (as well as a few other unprintable comments) and I tried everything from bags of rice to prayer candles to revive it to no avail. I found myself quickly erased from the 21st Century. I could not believe how dependent even a Luddite like myself has become on technology and I found myself in shock. I don't know anyone's phone number, I no longer own an alarm clock, I have no physical maps to tell me how to get anywhere, and I am completely lost without my Tetris. I got a new phone, but then discovered I had no usable knowledge of these things called Passwords. I am so grateful to my wife and Susan Billimek (Trout’s wrangler) for helping me return to existence.

On a happier note, we've got some great shows coming up in the next few months. It's time to take the train! Trout will be back on the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad on July 28th. We'll board in Alamosa, CO and ride with the audience to the top of a mountain (where cell phones don't work even without the iced tea bath) for a Trout concert at a solar and wind powered stage in lovely Fir, CO. Set technology aside and join us for truly a remarkable experience.

And speaking of remarkable, take your digital device of choice and look up Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, NY. Seriously, this lovely resort is like a cruise ship on land! We'll be playing a concert there on August 1. Then we travel to Oxford, PA and a new (to us) festival called the Connective Festival before returning to King of Prussia, PA for Concert Under the Stars. This is an event some people (like Kathy O'Connell of Kid's Corner) refer to as Troutstock. Seriously, all 3 of these events rank right up there at the top of our list of favorites. And I haven't even mentioned our return to Michael Hearne's Big Barndance Music Festival in Taos, NM in early September. WOW!










The only thing that could make this summer schedule better is if we had a few Wheatfield dates mixed in.  Funny we should mention it! Wheatfield has 3 dates booked in July! Craig Calvert is now in Arkansas working with Ezra in the Trout studio, mixing the next Wheatfield CD project. Craig, Ezra, and I will join Connie Mims Pinkerton in Tyler, TX for a week of 'Band Camp' before heading to Dallas, Houston, and Austin for shows at Uncle Calvin's Coffeehouse, the Mucky Duck, and The Backstage at El Mercado. Check out the Wheatfield web site for more details.        
Troutfully yours,
  Keith (and Ezra, but he's busy!)