Happy New Year!

Dear Fisherfolk,


Happy New Year! This past year lasted forever and disappeared in an instant. We could list all of the things that happened (and there were a lot) but a list of what happened wouldn't begin to tell the story. In retrospect, what sticks out is dealing with and creating a new normal. We've been hard travelers since we met. We've driven and flown millions of miles to places all over North America to play music for you. Looking in your faces from the stage has been a real joy. With the logical shut down of music venues, Trout has adapted by working and playing in our studio. The time that we've spent together prepping for live streams, writing and recording songs has been a real shot in the arm for our friendship and our music. It's also been very apparent how much we miss playing for live audiences every week. Back when MTV was a music channel, there was a VJ talking about how hard a rock band was working. The band was doing a three month tour! Can you believe it?! We laughed at the thought of having nine months off out of a year. 


We've been working on a new album. It's going to be called Safe House. It will be released on Earth Day, April 22nd. If you've been following our live streams or have come out to the few live performances we've had lately, you'll recognize some of our newer songs. Bringing these songs to life here in our West Fork, AR studio was a real joy. Much like a Trout show, the songs cover a wide range of styles and subject matter. 


It's hard to write about the future. Things change so fast these days. We plan to get back on the road in March or April with the new CD and a bunch of fresh material. If you keep an eye on our calendar https://www.troutmusic.com/pages/tour, you'll know when we know. These are indeed the strangest times. Thanks for your support.


Troutfully yours


Keith and Ezra