Family Music Party

Family Music Party

Family Music Party is a live Trout Fishing album featuring 16 of Trout Fishing’s most beloved songs. From the rollicking “My Hair Had a Party Last Night” to the touching “Count on Me,” these are songs that will liven up family drives and set everyone to dancing.

  • The Window
  • My World
  • My Hair Had a Party Last Night
  • Count On Me
  • 18 Wheels On A Big Rig
    (written by Heywood Banks of South Hand Music)
  • Carry Me
  • Mine!
  • Pico De Gallo
  • Baby’s Got The Car Keys
  • Lullaby
  • What I Want Is A Proper Cup of Coffee
  • We Weary Deer
  • Easy Steps
  • Back When I Could Fly
  • I Can Dance
  • No Matter What Goes Right

The soundtrack to Trout Fishing’s PBS live concert special

Released in 1998


  • A 1998 Gold National Parenting Publications Award Winner
  • Winner of a 1998 Parent’s Choice Approved Award


November 1998
by Moira McCormick

“Our master plan is to make music that both kids and adults can truly enjoy together,” say the liner notes penned by Ezra Idlet and Keith Grimwood, also known as the eclectic folk duo Trout Fishing in America. As proved by this new live album, they’ve succeeded wildly. The two write some of the wittiest, most ingenious songs children’s music has to offer. For example, there’s “My Hair Had A Party Last Night,” surely the most creative explanation for bed-head ever devised, and “Mine!” a hilariously sinister tango sung from the viewpoint of a toddler who just won’t share. Family Music Party is a blast.

September 1998

One plays guitar, the other plays bass, and most of their repertoire is comic and original. Think of Trout Fishing in America (yes, that’s the duo’s name) as the Smothers Brothers for the next millennium. The live album includes a Cajun-flavored anthem to morning pillow hair, ‘My Hair Had a Party Last Night’; a tuneful celebration of spicy Mexican food; a deliciously difficult British tongue twister from the 1920s; and a hard-rocking tune about a baby who grabs the family car keys and puts them in a most unlikely place.

July 1998 Vol. 19, No. 7
By John Wood

‘Help Yourself to a Party’
Second, a fish of a different color comes to us by way of Mutt-and-Jeff power duo Trout Fishing in America. Hearken back, oh Brautiganites! Their recent release is actually a recording of a PBS broadcast called Family Music Party that shows off their unique mix of harmony, humor and audience participation. Sixteen tunes and whaddya get? Some serious fun that will even lock in adults with short attention spans. This CD may actually be played in kidless cars! Yikes! My favorite title: ‘My Hair Had a Party Last Night.’ Keith Grimwood (bass and vocals) says of partner Ezra Idlet (guitar and vocals), ‘We’ve always complemented each other. He’s tall, 6’9′ and I’m 5’5 ½’. One time we painted a house together and he painted the ceilings while I painted the baseboards. In music and everything else, that’s the way it’s gone with us.’ Kinda says it all. Catch you on the flip side.