“Don’t Touch My Stuff!” added to our Downloadable “Singles” Available Now


If you’ve been to our shows recently, you’ve heard our new tune, “Don’t Touch My Stuff.” This is the song we wrote in response to having our van and all of our equipment stolen back in January last year. If you’re looking for a way to add this to your music collection, “Don’t Touch My Stuff” is now available on iTunes, CDBaby or any of your favorite download sites! The song could make an excellent ring tone for your smart phone. If you were smart enough, you could figure out a way for the song to play whenever an unauthorized person tried to access your computer!


We have had requests for these two new songs to be released so we got to work and here they are as Single Song Downloads. “Banjos on the Moon” and “The Very Best Thing.”
You can download these tasty bytes via CDbaby.com or go to iTunes (at the links above) or any of your favorite download sites.
It’s amazing to think that when we first started our record company, we were releasing our music on vinyl albums. We went to cassette tapes and then CDs. Now we’re seeing the release of music via the internet. The only music delivery systems we haven’t used are 78 records and wax cylinders. We’re not that old!

Troutfully Yours,
Keith and Ezra