December 2020

Dear Fisherfolk,

We've got 3 things we need to tell you about. Two of them are Time-Sensitive and one is just Way-Cool! We'll start with the Time-Sensitive ones and then finish with the Way-Cool!

1) We have scheduled our final Trout Stream of the year for Sunday, December 13th at 7 PM Central. This is Time-Sensitive information as you have only a few days to alert all your friends and relatives so they can tune in too. Just imagine how cool they'll think you are for recommending it to them. This hour-long Live Stream will feature old and new songs, plus a few songs from Merry Fishes to All, our Grammy-nominated, Holiday/Christmas album.

2) You may not have noticed yet, but Christmas is fast approaching. Some people have reported that according to their chocolate Advent Calendars, there are only 2 or 3 more days left 'til it's here! If you're still looking for a present for that special someone in your life, check out the all-new Trout beanies and our 2020 Don't Touch My Stuff coffee mugs. And of course there's plenty of Trout music available! Promo Code TFIA15 will take 15% off of all Trout CDs, shirts, our DVD "My Best Day", and our book "Chicken Joe Forgets Something Important".


The Arkansas Arts Council has announced the 2021 Governor's Arts Award Recipients. They have selected Trout Fishing in America to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award!! We'd like to thank Delynne West, one of our favorite music teachers, for the nomination. We'd also like to thank our Wrangler, Susan Billimek, for working with Delynne to supply pertinent information to the council. WOW!! It's always nice to be recognized for your work. We are proud and honored! Way-Cool!!

Troutfully yours,
Keith and Ezra

PS. At the end of the year, Keith likes to summarize our travels. In the year 2@2@, Trout played a grand total of 12 shows in 5 states (AR, TX, FL, TN, and PA) with our last gig being March 7 in PA. Never been a year like this one. Tune in to our Live Stream. We miss all of you!