December 2019

Dear Fisherfolk, 
Have you ever heard of Chicken Riggies or Utica Greens? We hadn't either until our trip to Utica, NY. It was our first time in Utica so we decided to look it up on Wikipedia to see what to expect. We learned that Utica was once a large manufacturing center and one time possessed the name "Sin City". Wikipedia had a culture section that spoke glowingly about Chicken Riggies and Utica Greens. Being the hi-tech wizards we are, we checked Yelp and found a restaurant called Delmonico's. We told our waiter it was our first time in Utica and he suggested we try the local favorites. Chicken Riggies are rigatoni with grilled chicken, hot peppers, and the sauce that is half red sauce and half alfredo sauce. Utica Greens are seasoned escarole cooked with cheese sauce and bread crumbs. WOW!! What a meal! When we got to the venue for our show, our presenter welcomed us BACK to Utica. This was confusing since we believed it was our first time. The presenter went to his office and found posters and a newspaper article from about 16 years ago to prove it was NOT our first time! We are fairly certain we didn't have Chicken Riggies or Utica Greens that time.
The month of December is going to be relatively quiet for us. We won't miss driving through late-night snow storms. Our only trip in December will take us south to Texas the 13th and 14th. If you find yourself missing us and can't get to Texas, perhaps it would be a good idea to purchase some of our music for the holidays. We have a wonderful Christmas album (Merry Fishes To All) of original songs about the holiday season. We also have some new Trout items in our catalog. There are handsome Trout tote bags, ambidextrous Trout coffee mugs, a Merry Fishes long sleeved t-shirt, and delicious 'Proper Cup of Coffee' coffee!
country and had a wonderful time doing it. As Thanksgiving approaches, we're thankful for all of these years that have been given to us and thankful for all of you. We'd like to especially thank the folks in Utica that had us back. We promise we won't ever forget again!
Troutfully yours,
Keith and Ezra