Closer to the Truth

Closer to the Truth

Closer to the Truth is a family friendly folk rock album from Trout Fishing in America.  “Closer To The Trout ,” a review in Songwriter’s Monthly, said of this album,

The Trouts are quite an amazing pair of writers. Great ideas and clever lines seem to come naturally to these guys. They can write a great song about anything from dogs chasing cars to people getting older. Keith and Ezra have a gift, lucky for us they like to share. Revealing and universal, this is an album that really should be in your collection…especially if you want to have a look at how great songs are constructed.

1. Dreaming
2. Old Things
3. Closer To The Truth
4. Keep It On The Positive Side
5. Dangerous
6. Big Boys In Bad Shape
7. Alberta Postcard
8. But I Do
9. There You Go
10. After You’ve Gone
11. Almost September
12. Would It Be So Bad?
13. The Sun and Moon and Stars

Produced by Fred Bogert
Nashville, TN

Special Guest Appearances by: Vassar Clements, Jerry Douglas, Tim O’Brien, and Mickey Raphael.

Released in 1999.