Bye Bye 2021

Dear Fisherfolk,
How is it possible that it's already December? It seems like the year started out 'Closed', tentatively opened a little bit, and then decided to hunker down and close again. In 2021, Trout Fishing in America managed to play a total of 15 shows in 7 different states (AR, DE, NC, NY, PA, TX, and VA). We were honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Governor's Arts Council of Arkansas. We continued with our virtual Trout Stream concerts from our Trout House studio. And we continued writing and recording music because that's who we are and that's what we do.

2021 offers TWO more Trout concert possibilities open to you. One is virtual and one is not. Both will include a few tunes from Merry Fishes to All (I Got a Cheese Log, Snow is Falling, etc) but will NOT exclusively be a Holiday show. True, Keith looks a bit like Santa this year, but he will not be donning the suit.

Tuesday, Dec 14 - Trout Stream (7 PM Central virtual concert on our Facebook page and on our YouTube Channel). This will be an hour-long live Trout concert. We'd like to try something a little different this time. If you'd like, tune in early (say 6:45 PM) for a bit of a visiting session with Keith and Ezra. You'll still be able to type in comments during the show, but this way we can communicate a bit without disrupting the flow of the concert. We miss everyone and welcome a chance to say Hello.

Saturday, Dec 18 - Main Street Crossing in Tomball, TXThis is a great venue! Spacious and open. Great sound system and sound engineer, delicious food, tasty drinks, happy people, live music. It's an experience we will never take for granted again! You won't want to miss it, unless you don't live in TX and don't want to travel. If that's the case, try the other option.

Santa wants us to tell you he's grading on a curve this year. Now most of you have already made it off The Naughty List but some of you might want to turn in a bit of extra credit just to be sure. You know who you are. Santa suggests ordering either the 8 or the 12 ounce bag of Proper Cup of Coffee coffee from Trout Fishing in America. Or maybe you might need some other Trout gear or know someone who does. Santa wants you to know the promo code TROUT20 takes 20% off most items on the website. He says all purchases will be counted as extra credit and will be applied to the official GET ME OFF THAT NAUGHTY LIST!

We hope you have a safe and wonderful Christmas or whichever Holiday tradition you observe!

Troutfully Yours,

Keith and Ezra