September 2018

In 1989, Trout Fishing in America celebrated its 10th Anniversary with a show at the Washington Avenue Showbar in Houston, TX. We invited former Trout players Rom Rosenblum, Orville Strickland, and Bill Berger to join us that night. We set up a display of pictures and other Trout memorabilia on 3 or 4 tables in the lobby. At that point, the idea that we had been playing together as Trout for such a “long” time was amazing!  We (Ezra and Keith) played together from 1976-1979 in St Elmo’s Fire, and even did some small shows for kids at schools and for adults in cafes as Trout. When St Elmo’s Fire broke up in 1979, we became Trout full time.

 1979 to 2019 is 40 years! 40 years?!?   You’ve got to be kidding!! Ten years   seemed like an eternity at the time.   Never would we have imagined that it   might last so long and do so well. We   even remember a discussion (read:   argument) we had back in the late 70’s.   Ezra was winning the argu…discussion, but Keith was not wavering from his point of view. Legend has it that Keith said, “Man, I won’t even know you in 10 years, so it really doesn’t matter!” It’s like a curse descended upon us. We became gum stuck to each other’s shoe, except in a good way.

We are reminiscing about our lengthy career and have decided to celebrate 2019 as our 40th year of Trout! If you’re going to look at the entire 40 years, you should start with the earliest recordings. We dusted off our vinyl projects (1980’sYou Bore Me to Death & 1982’s Hot to Trout) and our cassette projects (1987’s Yes, the Fish Music & 1988’s Stark Raving Trout). We chose 12 songs to represent these 4 albums and will soon be releasing a limited-edition CD called The Dusty Dozen. We are also re-recording, as a duo, some of our favorite songs and some others that got lost in the shuffle. They will be released in the future as double CD called 40 Years of Trout, or something like that.

When going through life, you mostly just live it without paying a lot of close attention. It’s kinda cool, but really no big deal. Looking back on those very same times from this perspective, they all seem dear and precious. Thanks for being a part of the Trout experience. In the meantime, let’s celebrate the PRESENT. This month we will be playing shows mostly in Texas and Louisiana. They may be kinda cool for now but will become treasures as the years go by!

Troutfully yours,

Keith and Ezra

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One Response to September 2018

  1. Janet says:

    Hey there, i keep sharing your 11 easy steps with young parents assembling backyard playsets or jungle gyms as we called them in the mid last century. I used to be on your email newsletter list, but am not now, maybe because we changed servers, therefore email addresses. Don’t suppose you gents have plans to play in Maine again this winter. First and last saw you at the Left Bank cafe on sept 13, 19??, i forget the year, but it was my birthday. We have some of your discs too, so we are paying customers vs you tubers exclusively…though we do the latter as well…hmm you tuba, …..

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