December 2016

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Trout Records Studio

Hey! Wake up! There’s a big world out here and it needs you! How do you make your world a better place? Who do you love? What do you love? How can you show it? These are certainly important things to consider as we are now living in the future. Living in The Strangest Times. We don’t have the answers, but Keith thinks cats do. Meow!
What’s Next?
The Strangest Times… That sounds like a great name for an album. Right now, we are working in the studio on our new CD, which will be out next Spring. Can you guess what it’s called? If you guessed “The Strangest Times”, you are absolutely right! Man, this is going to be a great one. We can’t wait for you to give it a listen. Keith has been driving around in the van giving it many listens, trying to pick the perfect order for these 12 songs.


Most are originals, but there is a bit of a surprise cover included at the end. We will be proudly presenting songs from “The Strangest Times” at our showcase at the Folk Alliance International music conference in February. For anyone who is counting, this will be our 22nd album. You’d have a pretty tough time locating our early vinyl and cassette offerings. You can find them at upscale yard sales. Sometimes they come up on eBay.

Happiness begins internally, but sometimes external things can help us on our way. Just think about coffee and music. Coffee + Music = Happy! This December, we are offering both of those Pathways to Happiness. (Not Stairways to Heaven) We’re bringing back our, “Proper Cup of Coffee” coffee for this season. Also, some of our CDs/Books/DVDs are on sale. Spread a little holiday cheer by stuffing someone’s stocking with a pound of coffee, or a CD. Or for that truly special person in your life, how about both?

Troutfully yours,

Keith and Ezra

PS. As a special bonus for reading our newsletter to this point and because you are awesome, we want to give you an additional 10% off any sale item on our website. Use promo code AwesomeTroutFan at the checkout page.

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