September 2015


Keith’s favorite hamburger chain is Whataburger. The chain started in Corpus Christi TX about a year before Keith was born. Up until now, the only time he got to indulge his passion for these burgers was when Trout drove to Texas. Recently, there has been quite a bit of excitement in Fayetteville, Arkansas because the newest Whataburger in the world just opened here. There has been so much excitement that incredibly long lines are forming to get in. How long are the lines? The first two times Ezra drove past the new location, he thought there was road construction in the area. The line stretched a quarter of a mile down the road. Keith has had to drive to Texas to eat his favorite burger.
Dana Louise and the Glorious Birds at the Fayetteville Roots Festival
A quick look at our calendar this month will tell you that we’re doing a lot of traveling and a lot more work with Dana Louise and the Glorious Birds. The Glorious Birds has been a joyful musical collaboration for all of us. If you haven’t had the chance to hear us live in this configuration, there’ll be plenty of chances this month. Keith and Ezra form the rhythm section for Dana Louise (Ezra’s daughter) and Adams Collins (the man with two last names). Trout music has always been hard to define and easy to enjoy. Dana Louise and the Glorious Birds combine folk, jazz, bluegrass with youth and experience that makes for a great evening of fun. Man, that sounds like a commercial. It kind of is, but you signed up for our mailing list because you enjoy what we do. We’re pretty sure you’ll love this too! Of course we’re still doing Trout shows. Check the calendar for those dates as well.


Ezra doesn’t have a favorite chain restaurant, but he would really love for an authentic New Jersey diner to open in Fayetteville, Arkansas. It would have shiny stainless steel walls and rotating glass cases full of cakes and pies. The menus would be an inch thick and have things like chicken piccata, pot roast, Greek salads with anchovies and stuffed grape leaves and matzoh ball soup! The diner would be open 24 hours a day with no lines. You never know. We thought there’d never be a Whataburger. It could happen!

Troutfully yours,

Keith and Ezra

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