March 2014

Dear Fisherfolk,

If you have to pick a month in the year to be short, February makes sense. It makes winter shorter. We get to March so much more quickly. Not that there’s anything really wrong with February. Fats Domino, Farrah Fawcett, George Washington, Kathy O’Connell and Abe Lincoln were born in February. Valentine’s day is in February. Keith wants to know, who says bigger is better?! Just because a month has a lot of days doesn’t make it all that much more exciting!

airloom and trout pd

Before we leave February, we’d like to remind you folks in Arkansas that Air Loom will be opening shows for us in Little Rock on Thursday the 27th at Juanita’s and in Fort Smith at Second Street Live on Friday the 28th. Air Loom is the musical duo of Jackson Jennings and Dana Idlet (Ezra’s daughter). We shared the stage with Air Loom in Dallas and it was a wonderful evening. If you’re near either of these places, it’s not a show to miss! Click HERE to see a video of us performing an old Trout song, “Buffalo Shuffle”.

peeper frog

The month of March is a full month for us, but we’ll be doing a lot of work in schools which will limit the amount of public shows we do. So if our calendar looks empty, don’t worry for us. There’s plenty going on in our world. We are ready for winter to ease its icy grip on the weather. The peeper frogs have started peeping up here in Northwest Arkansas and that’s always a cheerful sound. Spring is just around the corner. There’s wood to cut and gardens to get ready. Come to think of it, enjoy your February while you can, there’s lots of work to be done when the weather gets good!

Troutfully yours
Keith and Ezra

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