January 2014

Dear Fisherfolk,

It’s already a week into the New Year and so far, I’m not all that impressed. In my opinion, 2014 has only one direction to go. WARMER! I am cold and I have been cold. I’ve been snowed in and iced in enough already. And it’s cold in weird places, too. We have friends in southern Louisiana who have frozen pipes! That’s just not right. Please excuse me while I continue to whine. It’s not just cold cold. It’s wet cold. Cold cold can be invigorating or annoying, but wet cold permeates your soul and makes you hunch your shoulders. It makes you tired and crabby even before you begin to do the things you need to do. OK, enough of that. On to the cheery side of life!
Small interjection here from Ezra
Yeah, it’s been cold. The Idlet’s water system broke for two days and there were no showers to be had. You might be able to imagine the other inconveniences. We did some binge watching of HBO’s The Wire. In two days, we watched almost three seasons of the show. Wow! We hardly noticed the weather outside. The other plus was that Ezra cooked wood fired pizza for the first and second time! AWESOME! Imagine having gourmet pizza down a dirt road with no water in the house. The food was great, but cleanup was a bit of a booger.


We are doing what many sensible human beings do this time of year. We are heading to Florida! After a brief visit to Beacon, NY to visit the new Towne Crier, we are traveling to Miami , St. Augustine, and Gainesville, with a stop in Alabama in the middle. Keith’s taking a bathing suit and a pair of Christmas Crocs. He’s packing sun screen, sunglasses, Hawaiian shirts, and shorts. Are you cold? Join us! Walk away (carefully so you don’t slip down) from that snow globe you’re living in and head south.

   Both of us got to spend some quality time off with our families this holiday season. We hope you had a nice one, too. We also hope it gets warmer soon! Troutfully yours,
Keith and Ezra

Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers

Here’s a link to a song on our new CD
“It’s C-C-C-Cold Outside”

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One Response to January 2014

  1. Dorinda Kaplan says:

    Have sure missed you guys down here in Austin, TX. Used to take my girls to your concerts in Symphony Square. I now have a grandson, and we introuduced him to “Big Trouble” when he was only 6 months old. He is now 16 months old, faves are “Proper Cup of Coffee” “I Think I need a Bandaid” and “Pico de Gallo”…as a matter of fact, I took him to the store today, showed him a package and asked if he knew what it was. Of course not, he’s only 16 months old. But when I told him it was pico de gallo, he announced loudly to HEB shoppers “Pico de Gallo…NO EYEO!!!!”

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