July 2011

Dear Fisherfolk,

It’s about 4am on Hwy 412, about 50 miles west of Enid, Oklahoma. Enid spelled backwards is dinE. It’s a lonely stretch of straight road. We’re driving back from Colorado to Arkansas. Ezra is driving with his brights on. A full grown buck deer appears in the distance framed by the headlights of our van. Ezra slows down and moves into the next lane, away from the deer. The deer moves away from the van towards the side of the road. Then things go terribly wrong. What do you get when you cross a deer and a van? We’re not exactly sure, but it’s not something that we really want to discuss. The encounter diminished the Oklahoma deer herd by 1 buck. It’s going to cost Trout a whole lot of bucks, but everyone in the van arrived home safely for the 4th of July.

This summer promises to be a good one for us. By the end of July we will have visited 8 United States and 1 Canadian Province. Our Colorado trip on the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad train was fabulous (other than our way too close encounter with that deer) and we hope to get back there again next year. If we do, you do not want to miss it! We’re not home for long because we’re heading to the Winnipeg Folk Festival in Manitoba this week. Then it’s off to Ohio, Connecticut, New York, and Texas, just to name a few.

It may be a little early to begin talking about it, but we are so excited about it we can’t control ourselves. In September, our new Children’s book/CD will be released by Secret Mountain Publishing. It is called “Chicken Joe Forgets Something Important” and includes 11 all new Trout songs with illustrations by Stephane Jorisch. It will also feature the two of us reading an original story about a day in the life of Chicken Joe. In case you don’t know, Chicken Joe is one of Keith’s cats. He got his name as a result of sleeping in the hen house, not as a result of a personality weakness or character flaw. Some of the song titles include “16 or 17 Hours of Sleep,” “Hello, My Chicken Thinks He’s a Dog,” and “Where Did Everybody Go?” The story is about forgetting. Seems like we wrote a song about that but we can’t remember what it was. You write about what you know, even if you forget it.

Troutfully Yours,
Keith and Ezra

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