April 2011


There’s a time of year in the Ozarks when the flowers of spring are up and in their full glory. The trees have buds on them and have not yet leafed out. We’re in that time right now. What’s so beautiful about it, aside from the incredible colors (bright enough for even color blind Ezra to see), is that you can still see the lay of the land. The mountains are visible behind the leafless trees. It’s April. The time when monkeys fall out of the sky! WHAT you say?!

Q: When do monkeys fall out of the sky?
A: During ape-rill showers
Sorry about that. We couldn’t resist. You’ll find you can’t un-hear this joke.
(Photo manipulation by DJ-CorazondeDios)

  Keith has planted potatoes in his garden. He missed his traditional St. Patrick’s Day planting by a few days, but was able to plant by the full (super) moon. Hopefully, this will make a positive difference when it’s harvest time. Keith would also like to wish the Houston Astros luck this year as the baseball season opens. They’re gonna need it. Ezra’s basketball season ended early this year as the Tulsa Golden Hurricane was defeated in conference play and didn’t make any postseason tournament. Bummer. As Keith always says about his Astros, “Wait ’till next year”!

   For years we’ve played in northern VA at the Reston Community Center in the winter. This year is different. We’ll be there May 1st. Wonder how it will feel to drive there with no snow on the ground! On our way to Reston, we’ll be taking a side trip to Brooklyn, NY to attend Kindiefest. It’s a big confab with a lot of children’s entertainers and presenters. This is our first time there, and we’re really looking forward to it. Ezra will be on a panel discussing aspects of the music business.

Festival season is beginning. We’ll be part of Artosphere in Bentonville, AR, Spring Gulch in PA and Riverfest in Little Rock, AR. Also look for us at the Kerrville Folk Festival later this year. Check out our calendar. Stay in touch.

Troutfully yours,

Ezra and Keith

PS Here is a link to an interview and video from Stillwater, OK when Trout visited the Stilly Studio last week.

Ezra and Keith 
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