November News

Halloween costume dogs

Dear e-Fisherfolk:

We hope you had a safe and yet scary Halloween, or Fall Festival, or Day of the Dead. This year, Keith had the most fun he’s ever had as an adult on Halloween. He got to answer the doorbell and pass out candy to all the little kids. Oddly, he managed to gain 2 ½ pounds while doing it. Ezra washed his house with his new pressure washer. Tools are our friends. Keith would like to share a memory from days gone by. “As a child, I would go Trick or Treating with my little sister, Janis. We’d explain the concept to her of knocking on the door and saying, ‘Trick or Treat!’ when it opened. She just didn’t get it. Every time the door opened, she’d hold up her bag and desperately yell, ‘Canny! Canny! Canny! Canny! Canny!’ She’s always been fairly direct in her approach.”

Steve IdletBasketball season for Ezra
College basketball season is starting! Ezra will be taking trips to Tulsa to watch his son, Steven Idlet (#11) play with the Tulsa University Golden Hurricane. Steven was selected co-sixth man of the year last year in Conference USA. This year, he is co-captain of the Golden Hurricane. It would be great if he could be the co-first round draft pick in the NBA in 2012! Trout will be on the road for a lot of the home games this season, but there’s an app for the iphone that allows Ezra to keep up with all of the games and to check on his son’s averages.

Stretch racking up the miles
Over the past few years our van, Stretch, has quietly racked up over 400,000 miles. Our last vehicle, Robert Red Ford, went over the half million mile mark before he retired to write poetry in the yard of Keith’s Ozark Mountain home. Stretch just took us on a wonderful trip to Athens, Alabama and the Life, Legends and Lies Storytelling Festival. Their hospitality was fabulous! Besides playing an evening concert, we conducted three songwriting workshops, one for student teachers at Athens State University and two at the Middle School. We’re gearing up for a driving trip to Tennessee and beyond. This is a beautiful country that we live in. Seeing it through the windows of a moving vehicle has long been one of our favorite things.Trout Fishing van

Troutfully yours,

Keith and Ezra

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One Response to November News

  1. Telisa Lowe says:

    Elzie (Lowe) and I are watching Roy Orbison on PBS and Elzie spotted you playing with them on stage. So, I had to look you up.

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