March 2010

Dear e-Fisherfolk:

We are currently in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada. Our March 6 show at the lovely Arden Theater went very well and we will be heading home tomorrow. This is about the earliest in the year we’ve been to Alberta since our fateful January trip back in the late 90’s, the one that resulted in our Alberta Postcard song where we sing about the joys of 35 degrees below zero. We are lucky guys and spring arrived early in Alberta this year. The weather is mild; the sun is shining. We are smiling and happy not to be freezing our noses off. Of course this means that it will soon be time for tilling gardens and mowing lawns back home, but we’ve had enough cold to welcome chores other than hauling wood and scraping windshields.

International Folk Alliance conference
Last month, we attended the North American Folk Alliance convention in Memphis and performed at a showcase presented by BMI. The entire experience was AMAZING! What a blast! We got to hear great music and meet with so many people involved in so many aspects of the music business. Accuse us of name-dropping, but we had the pleasure of hearing Michael Smith, Billy Crockett, Jonathan Edwards, The Flying A’s, 3 Penny Acre, The Raina Rose Trio, Shotgun Party, Suzy Ragsdale, John Flynn, Freebo, Michael Hearne, Bill Hearne, James Keelahan (with the fabulous David Woodhead on bass!) Ray Wylie Hubbard… well, the list goes on and on. We also received a special invitation to record a song on a Thomas Edison cylinder recorder. We played The Only Smile and it was…well, amazing.

Ezra, who is a collector of old 78’s, was particularly charmed. The Folk Alliance experience inspired us on at a level equaled only by the Grammy Awards.

My Best Day DVD Wins
Good things keep on happening! Remember our DVD My Best Day? Well it recently won an award! The trophy is proudly sitting on a shelf at the Trout House. The accompanying letter reads – Dear Filmmaker, Congratulations! You are the recipient of a prestigious KIDS FIRST! BEST AWARD for 2009. This is from the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival – Wow! Thank you. That is very nice. Check out our schedule for where the next good things will be for Trout. Come on out this spring and get rejuvenated. We’ve got many new songs you’ll enjoy, but we promise not to forget all of the old ones. Maybe some of them, but not all!

Troutfully yours,

Keith and Ezra

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