October 2009

Dear e-Fisherfolk:

September 2009 was truly a month of highs and lows for us. Our highest high came by train as we took a tour of northern New Mexico and southern Colorado on The Cumbres & Toltec scenic railroad. This is America’s highest narrow gauge steam railroad and was originally built in the 1880’s. The movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was filmed here. The scenery between Chama and Osier was absolutely incredible, with the highest elevation of 10,015 feet at Cumbres Pass. Now that’s high!

Keith and Ezra on the train ride 

In stark contrast, our lowest low came when Keith’s wife, Beth, reached down and tried to convince a rattlesnake to move out of the driveway. The snake (a timber rattler, we’re told) bit her twice on her right hand. Luckily, Keith was home and he rushed both the snake and Beth to the emergency room. The snake was released immediately, but Beth had to spend several days in ICU. The swelling on her arm and hand was impressive. She’s much better now but it was an anxious couple of days to say the least.

Cool Links
Trout Fishing in America has been getting a lot of cool press and showing up on some interesting Internet links lately for a variety of reasons. We’d like to share some examples with you so you can check them out. It was either that or forward a bunch of jokes to you.
First – Keith’s interview with LA Parent about our book/CD My Name is Chicken Joe www.losangeles.parenthood.com
Second – You might remember we recently wrote the music for a musical presented by Houston’s Main Street Theater. It is called P’s and Q’s: The ABCs of Manners and was selected as Best Original Musical by The Houston Press! Congratulations everyone! www.houstonpress.com
Third – Somebody had a video camera at our Summerfolk mainstage performance in Ontario. They posted our version of Not Fade Away on YouTube. www.youtube.com
Fourth – A while back, we played a concert with the US Air Force band. Here’s our song Science Fair with the band. It rocks! We need to take these guys on the road. www.troutmusic.com/videos

On Sale
We’ve decided to try something new and we are calling it our “Live Music Stimulus Package”. We will be having a sale on our CDs at our shows. They will all be offered for the low, low price of $10 each (or 2 for $20 for you math wizards out there), but only at our Live Shows. We figure that if you make the effort to leave the house, come on out to a Trout Show to have some fun, then you deserve a break on CDs. And speaking of something new, check out our latest Adult T-shirt design. These T-shirts may be speaking your language. Coffee anyone? All I want is a proper cup…

Troutfully yours,
Keith and Ezra

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