April 2009

Dear e-Fisherfolk:

We’re writing to you from Calgary, Alberta. You can tell when you’re in Canada because you jingle when you walk with all the coins in your pockets. Canada has done away with their $1 and $2 bills and replaced them with $1 coins (commonly referred to as a Loons or Loonies) and $2 coins (commonly referred to as a Toons or Toonies). They tend to mount up quickly as you get change and can slow you down if you’re not careful. Another thing we’ve found is that we’ve had trouble with Hermione, our GPS device. When Keith tried to type in Alberta, he only made it to AL before she says we’re in Alabama. Trying the word Canada, he only gets to CA before she shifts to California. Keith misses Hermione’s sweet voice. He named our GPS device Hermione and has it programmed to speak with a female voice and British accent. He loves to have it on constantly as he’s most comfortable having an intelligent sounding woman telling him what to do all the time. Drives Ezra nuts. Ezra wants to give it a redneck accent, but can’t find that setting. He thinks they’re missing a bet on that one.

The New Storybook-CD
Speaking of Canada, our new book, My Name is Chicken Joe, is due to be released on April 7th! This fully illustrated children’s book has been published by The Secret Mountain, a Canadian publishing company, and it is so beautiful. The illustrator, Stephane Jorisch did a wonderful job bringing the songs to life. Yes, it’s not just a book, but also includes a CD of 11 original Trout songs.
My Name is Chicken Joe
Trout Fishing in America has released CD’s before, but this is the first time we’ve been known of as published authors. We’ve hit the media trail as authors and it’s a whole new world for us. We did a live radio segment on Voice of America to an estimated audience of 175 million people. Live…no pressure here guys. We made several appearances with our friends at Sirius/XM radio (airing this weekend) and even did an early morning TV show (CBS Bay Sunday) in San Francisco with Taylor Hicks (of American Idol fame) and Z. Z. Packer (author of Drinking Coffee Elsewhere and other books). If you missed our 5:30 AM Bay Sunday segment, you can go to www.cbs5.com. (That’s right -Keith ‘Grimwald’ – I’ve been called worse) Also, on April 18th we’ll be a part of The Philadelphia Book Festival. Keith and Ezra, published authors. It’s got a nice ring to it. Get your copy of My Name is Chicken Joe soon. Spring is here

Spring is here and summer is not far behind. Keith got his tiller fixed and planted his St. Patrick’s Day potatoes. Ezra is searching the woods for morel mushrooms. As you can see from our calendar, our touring schedule is kicking into high gear. Another exciting thing for us is that we’re meeting with the folks at Houston’s Main Street Theater in April. They’re the people who asked us to write songs for a play about good manners. They chose us because we’re obviously experts on that subject. Anyway, we’re reading the script and re-writes of the script and working on music for the play. It’s looking good and should be staged in Houston this summer. No, we’re not going to be known as playwrights. We’re just writing the music for the play. We have a real playwright wrighting the play, or is that righting, or writing? We’d better just stick with being known as Musicians and Published Authors. You might even add Jugglers and Incredibly Handsome Men, but that might be stretching it a bit too far.

Troutfully yours,
Keith and Ezra

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