February 2009

Dear e-Fisherfolk,

Here are a couple of helpful hints for the new year. Always turn your head to look behind you when you back up your vehicle. Ezra was driving down his dirt road and spotted a bald eagle flying up into a tree! Unless you live in Alaska where bald eagles fly in flocks, it’s a big deal to see one. Ezra’s mom was in the van and Ezra wanted to make sure that she saw the magnificent bird. He stopped the van and after some excited pointing finally got his mom to see the bird just as it flew off behind the van. Always turn your head to look behind you when you back up your vehicle! Ezra threw the van into reverse and stepped on the gas so he and his mom could catch one last glimpse of our national symbol. Henry, Ezra’s neighbor, couldn’t back up fast enough! Henry lost a bumper and Ezra crushed the back hatch in the mini-van.OUCH!

In case of an ice storm (like the one we had in NW Arkansas recently) remember that ice outside helps preserve food just like the refrigerator that is getting no electricity! Keith’s wife, Beth, found that using pine needles covered in ice worked pretty well in her ice chest. Here’s a bonus helpful hint. If you’d like to watch the pre-telecast portion of the Grammy awards when the Children’s Music category is announced, go to grammy.com on Sunday Feb 8th. The pre-telecast starts at 1PM Pacific Time.

Grammy Week
Yes, it’s Grammy week and we’re all excited about going out to California. First, we’ll be playing a couple of school performances on Thursday at the Orange County Performing Arts Center. Then we’ve been asked to play a private performance at the new Grammy Museum in Los Angeles on Friday. Saturday is huge as we play a public concert at the lovely Villa Montalvo in the afternoon and then catch a flight back to LA for the Grammy Nominees Party. At the Nominees Party we’ll receive our Grammy medallions, eat delicious food, hear great music, and generally rub shoulders with other music business people on an equal basis, since no one knows who will win just yet.

Sunday brings the Grammy Awards ceremony where our CD, Big Round World, has been nominated for Best Musical Album For Children. It’s our 4th nomination. Keep your fingers crossed. After that whirlwind of glamorous show-biz excitement, we settle back into the touring Trout life that we truly love with a visit to Midland, Texas and a show for the Campfire Boys and Girls on Valentine’s Day. If we do, by chance, win that Grammy, Keith plans on bringing his to share with everyone since that’s how we got here in the first place.

First Children’s Book For Trout
We’ve got so many exciting things in store this year that it’s hard to get to all of them. Our book/CD My Name is Chicken Joe, published by The Secret Mountain, will be released in April. We’ve seen copies and it is BEAUTIFUL! It is an illustrated children’s book with an accompanying CD of 10 Trout songs, including Chicken Joe, a song about one of Keith’s favorite cats. We’re scheduled to make an appearance at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival on April 26th. WXPN’s Kathy O’Connell (of Kids Corner fame) is having a birthday on February 21st and we’re playing for the party! And don’t forget, in June we’re going on an Alaskan cruise with Jack Williams and you should go too! Don’t miss it or we’ll be sorry.

Troutfully yours,
Keith and Ezra

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