May 2007

Dear e-Fisherfolk,

We just took our first trip to Omaha, Nebraska! Keith commented, “I have no beef with Omaha and the feeling is Mutual.” This may not seem funny to you, but Ezra laughed a lot. That’ll give you an idea how low our personal humor has fallen. We did have a great time in Omaha and lots of people came out to our concert. But once again, Stretch, our beloved van had mechanical problems in Kansas City. Last time we lost a radiator, this time we lost our brakes.

In our last newsletter, we promised to tell you about our Spring Breaks. Keith stayed home playing with the new puppy and spent a lot of time planting veggies in the garden. This weekend, he replanted most of the veggies since the first crop was lost in the frost. That’s sad but poetic sounding, isn’t it? Ezra went with his wife and son to Belize. The primary purpose of the trip was to go scuba diving. If you go to Google, click on Images, and type in blue hole Belize, you can see where they went diving. The Belize blue hole is an atoll created by the collapse of a giant cave. The dive took them 140 feet below the surface, through some awe-inspiring stalactite formations. On the last day of the trip, the Idlets went fishing and caught barracuda for lunch!

Speaking of lunch! Keith and Beth were dining in a Chinese restaurant yesterday in Fayetteville, Arkansas. They were halfway through the egg drop soup portion of the meal when suddenly they became acutely aware of the Muzak. To their surprise and amazement, an instrumental version of Who Are These People? (a Trout Fishing in America song) was playing! We knew that Muzak had picked up Who Are These People?, but this is the first time either of us heard the song in public. Next time you’re in an elevator or on hold on your phone, keep your ears open for our music.

Speaking of ways to hear our music! April 13th we went to the XM Radio studios in Washington, DC and taped a live performance for the Rumpus Room on their kid’s channel. The show is scheduled to air Friday, May 25th 11 pm EST, Saturday May 26th 5 pm EST and Sunday May 27th at noon EST. You can make your own calculations for where you live. If you have XM radio and don’t know how to find the Rumpus Room, it’s channel 116.

In other interesting news, we have posted a Trout performance of The Day Care Blues on YouTube. This is a selection from our DVD My Best Day, filmed by AETN in Conway, Arkansas last year. Go to and check it out. Tell all your friends! Our calendar will tell you where we’re playing in the next few months. It’s almost time to start wearing shorts and sandals! We hope to see you and all your friends soon.

Troutfully yours,
Keith & Ezra

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