March 2005

Dear e-Fisherfolk:

Spring has been trying to pop open here in the Ozarks. Daffodils have poked their perky yellow heads up. The hyacinth and crocus have also joined in the colorful celebration. The peeper frogs have begun their high pitched concerts and the roads have turned to mud. If you see “Stretch,” the Trout van, in the next couple of weeks, you’ll be amazed at the amount of dirt road we’re able to carry around with us. When we bought the van, we chose the color of Arkansas mud so it wouldn’t look so dirty in the spring.

So if you weren’t glued to your television set on Grammy night and were waiting to hear from us about how it went…… we didn’t win. But our friends, Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer, won with a tribute album to Ella Jenkins, “the First Lady of Children’s Music.” This CD, featuring a host of wonderful artists, is Cathy and Marcy’s second Grammy. Although we would have loved to have won that golden gramophone, you just have to know it feels much better to see the award go to real people than to a puppet. Elmo got the Grammy the first time we were nominated. We have a sneaking suspicion that Elmo was lip synching. Congratulations to Cathy, Marcy and Ella. We are thrilled and honored to have received our second nomination, especially since we keep hearing that the third time is the charm.

There are some new dates in this newsletter that didn’t show up on our last one. Check out the calendar to see if we’re in your neighborhood. We’re headed to Texas and Louisiana this week. Let’s hope it rains on the way down there and we leave some Arkansas in Oklahoma and Texas.

Ezra & Keith
Keith and Ezra

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