January – February 2005

Dear e-Fisherfolk,

A lot of you may be familiar with our song Alberta Postcard, where we describe our experiences of playing in Canada in January. It was cold. It was 35 degrees below zero! That experience taught us many things, one of which was to avoid northern latitudes during the month of January. Sometimes, even if you’ve learned a lesson, you forget. Why is that? We forgot. On January 20th, we flew to Philadelphia, rented a mini-van and drove to Walton, New York in the Catskills. We arrived at night and noticed that it was pretty cold. As a matter of fact, our nose hairs were frozen. In the morning, we learned that the temperature had dropped to 20 below. Although it was arctic tundra outside, the people we met in Walton were warm and friendly and we had a great show. On the 22nd we drove through blizzard conditions to Horsham, PA near Philly. What fun we had watching cars slide out of control down the turnpike. Imagine the joy and good fellowship of venturing out of our hotel and skating across a busy street to get pizza. It was bumper cars on ice! Unfortunately, our show in Doylestown was snowed out but we understand that it will be re-scheduled.

We are rapidly approaching February, and February 13th is Grammy day. Our album, Merry Fishes to All, has been nominated for a Grammy in the category of Best Musical Album For Children. If you check your Trout calendar, you’ll see that we’re playing the Strathmore Theater that day and won’t be able to attend the festivities. So we’re sending our families in our place. It is our fondest wish that our children walk up on the podium and graciously accept the award for us. If that doesn’t happen, then we hope that they have a great time at the party afterwards. We really enjoyed ourselves in 2002 when we got to go. The party was definitely an eye opening experience. Women were wearing dresses that cost more than our houses here in Arkansas. There were limos that occupied entire area codes. Keep your fingers crossed.

Although the weather isn’t heating up just yet, our travel schedule is. Check the calendar to see when we’ll be breaking the ice in your area.Æ..

Troutfully yours,
Keith and Ezra

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