April 2004


Dear e-Fisherfolk,

Happy April Fool’s Day!! Just kidding. That was a couple of days ago by now, but it’s still April and we are still fools. So all is in order. We both had a nice Spring Break with the families. The Grimwoods had a fine time at the St. Louis Zoo even though it was freezing cold when they got there. Luckily, this particular zoo has a magnificent penguin exhibit. The little formally dressed guys were outside and seemed quite cheerful and friendly about everything. The rhinos were safely and warmly out of sight. Keith did miss them but enjoyed the hippo display. The Grimwoods ate Italian food in the neighborhood known as The Hill, toured the Science Center, marveled at the Basilica, and even climbed the Cahokia Indian mounds in Collinsville, IL. The Idlets drove to Houston to visit friends and their old neighborhood. They celebrated their spring break by having two delicious meals at the Spanish Flowers restaurant on North Main. After a short visit to Houston, the Idlets plus brother-in-law Jody, foreign exchange student (Anni) and their friends the Clark family boarded a cruise ship for a trip to Cozumel and back. During the cruise Ezra played basketball on the top deck of the ship, Steven developed a passion for snorkeling, Karen was liberated from the drudgeries of having to cook and clean and Anni and Dana got a tan.

One of the things Trout music seems to do very well is bring people of all ages together. That’s great by us! With as many things in the world that divide us, it’s probably important not to let age get in our way. Sometimes it’s hard to think of your parents as ever being young. They’ve always seemed so grown up as long as you have know them. But they were once very young and it’s good to remember that every once in a while to keep things in perspective. On April 28, 2004, James and Hilda Grimwood (known among other things as being the parents of Keith and Janis Grimwood) will be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. They are not very big on formal announcements or big celebrations. On their 50th anniversary, they left the country so we couldn’t find them for a party. I’ve informed them that I’m coming down to Houston for a visit at that time, so they’re obligated to at least stick around. I’d like to tell you a little bit about their wedding all those 60 years a go. This is interesting. Just imagine this.

They were married in the USO (United Service Organization) lounge at the train station in Birmingham, Alabama. Dad (or James as he was known back then) was in the Navy. He was leaving firetraining school in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and was on his way to advanced firecontrol school in Montara, CA and eventual active duty aboard the U.S.S. Chester. They had planned to be married when he was on leave, but the leave was canceled. Mom (or Hilda as she was known back then) wasn’t about to let him get away. Their pastor, Brother John McGuire got the mandatory waiting period waived, the physical exams waived, and he and a lot of my future relatives headed to the Birmingham train station where Dad’s train had a 35-minute scheduled layover. Dad got a telegram enroute and only found out he was getting married an hour before it happened. They had a cake and a reception and a pretty big party for folks that don’t like parties. Dad writes in his book “Our wedding made the front page of the “Birmingham News,” –issue of 28 April 1944 — but the death of Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox beat us out of the headlines.”  Then Mom (or Hilda as she was known back then) hopped on the train full of servicemen and she and Dad (or James as he was known back then) headed out to Chicago and then to CA. I’ll bet she’d have boarded the boat too if they would have let her.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Come out and share your spring with us.

Troutfully yours,
Keith & Ezra

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