May 2002


Dear e-Fisherfolk,

Wasn’t it just winter? It seems like we went from winter to summer in about two weeks. It is actually spring and that means gardening for us. It’s been pretty difficult to get our gardens started. So far, Keith has tilled, put in rows and planted 18 tomato plants. The strawberries the Grimwoods put in last year look great! The rest of Keith’s garden looks just like the Idlets’ garden. There’s nothing in it! We’re driving back to Arkansas from Denton, TX this afternoon and when we get back, Ezra will be in the garden weeding and hopefully planting corn.

Springtime means birthdays at the Idlet household. Dana turned 16. Lots of things happen on the 16th birthday. The most earthshaking thing is that the restricted driver’s license that Dana has been using turned into an unrestricted full-fledged driver’s license. To Dana, this means road trips with her girlfriends. To Karen and Ezra, it means the beginning of a whole new phase of meaningful communication with their daughter. A word of advice to parents whose children are about to take their first solo drives. Driver’s Ed doesn’t teach tire changing, map reading, or oil checking. Steven, Ezra’s son, turns into a teenager this year. He’ll be riding in style with a motorized scooter. Imagine one of those two-wheeled skateboards with a steering post. On the back end of the contraption, there’s a little gas engine that powers it. Steven won this death machine by shooting a clutch free-throw in a contest at a skate park.

As we write this letter, we’re returning from the Denton Jazz and Arts Festival. We had a great time and a big part of that great time was performing with our friend and producer, Fred Bogert. Fred plays keyboards, accordion, mandolin, guitar, percussion, bass and coronet with us from time to time. These shows are always a lot of fun. If you haven’t seen us as a trio, you should check your calendar and make a date to come out to hear us with Fred. We hope to see you soon.

Troutfully yours,
Keith & Ezra

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