March 2002


Dear e-Fisherfolk,

“It is extremely humbling to be included in this gathering of people in our industry. It’s inspirational to think that a single artist, artist owned label can be recognized right next to the majors. We absolutely wouldn’t be standing here accepting this award if it weren’t for the hard work and dedication of our manager, Dick Renko, our record label staff, Karen, Beth & Patty, our producer, Fred Bogert and our publicist, Karen Leipziger. I’d like to thank them and the little people like my partner Keith. Thanks to the Academy for this award!” This is the speech that Ezra never gave.

We are finally back home from the Grammy Awards. You probably heard by now that we didn’t win. The Grammy for Best Musical Album for Children went to Elmo, the Muppet. Keith feels that any time a short, fuzzy guy wins something, you’ve gotta feel OK about that. The two of them might even be related, but he can’t prove it. It was a great trip and we really got an eyeful. It was a good thing it was warm out there in California. There wasn’t a lot of skin covered up. They sure don’t dress like that in Arkansas in February, or any other month for that matter!

You may have seen the Grammy awards on TV so we don’t need to tell you how exciting it was. What you didn’t see was the party afterwards. There were two floors in the Biltmore hotel dedicated to sating your aural and gastronomical desires. In the basement there was an amazing Latin dance band pumping out polyrhythmic salsa while Japanese sushi chefs were pumping out plates of the finest raw seafood you’ve ever tasted. You could wash this all down with premium sake or a wide variety of Mexican beers. Upstairs in the Soul Room, a Motown styled band lit up the stage while you could chose from collard greens, fried chicken and steak. This could be washed down with margaritas, fine wine or a wide variety of Mexican beers. Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder offered some of the most blistering bluegrass in the world today while the desert trays groaned under the weight of French pastries and wild chocolate creations. All this could be washed down with umbrella cocktails or a wide variety of Mexican beers. Edgar Winter had some kind of food backing him up, but by the time we got to hear him, all we could think about was what’s the deal with the Mexican beers, and where were everybody’s clothes?!

We’re back in Arkansas and back to real life. When it’s 25 degrees outside, you know where everybody’s clothes are. They’re wearing all of them. We wash our meals down with milk and spring water. The woodstoves need tending and the gardens that we’re planning on planting are waiting for the rain to stop so we can get in there with tillers. New songs are waiting to be written and there’s a lot of places for us to visit.

It was a really great time in Los Angeles and we appreciate all the support we’ve gotten from our fans, friends and neighbors. Thanks for your letters, phone calls and conversations. You’re the reason we’re doing this.

Troutfully yours,
Keith & Ezra

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