January 2002


Dear e-Fisherfolk,

News Flash! We just found out that our newest album, inFINity, was NOMINATED FOR A GRAMMY in the Best Musical Album For Children category!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You probably won’t see us on TV, but we’ll be in LA for the awards ceremony. Wish us luck.

We’d also like to wish you a happy New Year for 2002 (a palindrome!). This is going to be a short note because we have chores to do. We’ve just gotten back home from our Texas trip. The weather outside is beastly cold compared to Texas. We really got used to the balmy 70 degree temperature. It’s been in the single digits at it’s coldest here in Arkansas. The kitty water dishes are frozen at the Grimwoods’ house and the pony and goat water trough at the Idlets’ house is a skating rink. We have to go melt the ice and give the animals a drink.

We both saw several movies over the last few weeks. This is a common holiday family activity. Keith saw Shrek five times. He has his own copy and has taken it upon himself to make sure everybody sees it. Ezra’s favorite movie took almost as long as watching Shrek five times. The Lord of the Rings rocks! It’s long and just a beautiful movie. The barefoot scenes looked really painful. Walking through snow in bare feet doesn’t look very pleasant, but Liv Tyler sure does! Both the Idlets and the Grimwoods have seen the Harry Potter movie. We liked it. We were going to say we highly reccommendeded it, but we’re not sure how to spel reccommend.

We hope 2002 is a great year for everybody, that your resolutions aren’t too hard to stick to, and that we see you soon.

Besh fishes,
Keith and Ezra

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