October 2001


Dear e-Fisherfolk:

It’s time for another Trout newsletter and it is a tough one to write. We
try and keep our letters positive and upbeat, but ignoring recent events
would seem false and shallow. The world has changed a lot for all of us since  we last wrote, and like everyone else, we too have been deeply affected.

We were in California when the terrorist attacks occurred. We were
scheduled to fly on the afternoon of the 11th, but obviously didn’t since all
planes were grounded. Our rental van suddenly became our prized possession and we were able to finish the tour by driving. Since then, we have continued to travel and fly in varied circumstances. Many of our flights have been cancelled or rescheduled. We have seen airport lines of over 140 people. More recently, we have ridden planes where we were almost the only passengers aboard. But there is a difference in the mood of the country that is noticeable wherever we go. Everybody we meet seems a bit nicer these days. People are even driving more politely. They are friendlier than they were. People generally seem more aware of what we have and more determined not to let it be taken from us. It is a harsh and difficult lesson.

In the midst of all this turmoil, our new CD, inFINity, was released into
the world. So far, it has been well received. inFINity earned a gold award
from NAPPA, (National Association of Parenting Publications Award) and was picked as a “Best of the Year” by Parents Magazine. One song (Are We There Yet?) received national airplay on Car Talk!, Click and Clack’s entertaining and informative radio show about car repair and other things. Reviews in publications across the country have been extremely positive. You can read them if you like on our web site. Or you can get a copy of inFINity for yourself and decide if you like it. We hope you will!

Troutfully Yours,
Keith and Ezra

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