April 2001


Dear e-Fisherfolk,

It’s early April and Trout Fishing in America has gone fishing for a while. Although the office at the Trout House will be open for business as usual, Keith and Ezra will be taking a few days off to enjoy our lives and work on projects. Ezra will be higher in the air than usual, building his tree house. Keith will be typically low to the ground, digging in his garden and trying to figure out how to keep chickens and deer out. If you’re near a trout stream in Arkansas this Spring, you might see Ezra flinging his homemade, hand-tied flies at trout. If you see Keith near a stream, he will probably be sleeping or reading a book.

Dogwoods are starting to bloom and the weather is getting nicer. For Keith, this means that it’s baseball season. For Ezra, this means morel mushroom season is starting. For the rest of the world, it means that festival season is upon us. People just naturally want to get outside and have some fun. We’re going to get outside and play some festivals with our friend and producer, the multitalented Fred Bogert! This will be a lot of fun as Fred is a great guy and plays just about every instrument known to man. You’ll be able to see Trout the trio at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival in May. Fred will also be joining us for the Kerrville Folk Festival in June. Trout the duo will be all over the map.

One of Keith’s life ambitions has been to be all over the map and visit all 50 states. He’s so close he can taste it. By the end of June, he’ll only have one state left to visit because in late June, we’ll be making our first trip to Hawaii! We’re booked to play there and we’re taking the families with us. It should be a fabulous experience for everyone. If you’re wondering, only Idaho will remain unvisited on Keith’s list. If you live in Idaho and want Trout to play there, it shouldn’t be too hard to convince us. Keith wants to visit and Ezra hears the fishing is great.

Troutfully yours,
Keith & Ezra

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