January 2001


Dear e-Fisherfolk:

It has been cold here in Arkansas! If you watched the news recently, you know that our whole area has been covered with ice. Trees are bent over with the weight of the load and even the grass on the side of the road looks like crystals from the planet Krypton. We feel that the center of the ice storm was Ezra’s driveway. The driveway is a steep hill and when you put ice on it, it’s like trying to drive on an inclined ice-skating rink. Jody, Ezra’s brother-in-law, watched as his pickup truck slid down the hill into the barbed wire fence at the bottom. The emergency brake was on, the transmission was engaged and Jody’s dog was wagging his tail furiously as the truck skated backwards with Jody in pursuit.

The nicest thing about all this cold weather is that we have been at home with our families to enjoy the time and fix the things that break. Ezra played dominoes and watched movies with his family between thawing out the pipes and hauling water to flush the toilets. The Grimwoods went to Houston. When they came back, everything was working fine.

Time off for Trout doesn’t mean we’re not working. Currently, we are writing new songs and learning to play them. Once we can play them, you can listen to them, but not now. We will be going back to the studio this month. Our intention is to finish work on our new kids/family CD that will be out fhbvZhdbkxQ. You can quote us on that. We are having a blast writing these songs.

Hope your New Year is going great and you are staying warm.

Troutfully Yours
Keith and Ezra

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